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Homage to the Best MAN

*jordan TAYLOR hanson*

16 December
I live in New York City, and my name is Jessica J.. my daddy is a bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I go to NYU, and I love to play tennis and have tea with my momsy.

I find myself doing things that are not typical for a mormon girl, but I know that Jesus loves me anyway. Because I know his love is unconditional, and he will forgive my sins, I think it is okay to do certain things that I know everyone in my church thinks is a sin. That is why we pray and repent.

this is me. daddy says i can't bleach my hair, as long as he pays for my school. wanna pay for my school?

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So this is my lovely new journal, for my writings of hanson fiction, because daddy found one that I wrote last week, and I got in trouble, so I figure this is a safe place to put things. Also, I will put all of my pretty pictures of Taylor on here. I'd like to think of this as my little homage to the boy with the blue eyes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE hanson. Taylor Hanson. As you should, then you will stay away from Taylor Hanson, because he is mInE. Taylor Hanson should be observed a musical genius, and sex object divine.

I live for Taylor, and I live for God.

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